“B” Metaphors

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Bait: He was trying to bait her into debate.

Bake: It was a half-baked idea.

Barren: His face was a barren landscape of sorrow, parted by rivers of tears.

Base: A play based on a poorly written book by Gaston.

Baste: He basted her with flattery to get the job.

Battle: Life is a constant battle.

Battlefield: Love is a battlefield.

Battleground: The senate has become the battleground for stem cell lobbyists.

Beacon: A beacon for fellow workers.

Bear Fruit: Alice was thrilled when her idea began to bear fruit.

Beast: Fear is a beast that feeds on attention

Being: The point being.

Benchmark: The benchmark 30-year T-bill.

Beseiged: She was besieged by the papparazzi.

Binding: A legally binding contract.

Bite: His words had a little bite to them.

Bittersweet: Bittersweet memories.

Blackest: The blackest thoughts of men.

Bland: Her presentation was a little bland.

Blanket: A blanket of snow fell through the night.

Blizzard: There was a blizzard of activity at the emergency room.

Blockade: The Senator’s attempt to blockade the vote was seen was seen as a feeble attempt to raise his profile.

Blossom/Bloom: She had blossomed overnight, going from stinkweed to rose with but one sip of potion.

Blow: You’ll be blown away!

Blue: When you’re feelin’ blue.

Boil: The boss was boiling mad.

Boiling: Boiling mad.

Boiling: Boiling landscape.

Bombard: He was bombarded with questions.

Bombshell: She was hit by the bombshell that her boyfriend was married.

Bombshell: Blond bombshell

Bond: They had a spiritual bond between them.

Bottom: The teacher got to the bottom of the problem.

Bottom Feeder: He’s nothing but a bottom feeding letch!

Boundaries: Sports rules set the boundaries of fair play.

Bowels: In the bowels of the ship.

Brand: The band bleated out their own brand of country music.

Breaking: Breaking news.

Breeze: This homework is a breeze.

Brick Wall: He was hitting his head against a brick wall.

Bright: A bright idea.

Brilliant: A brilliant idea!

Bubbles: Her bubbly personality.

Bucking: Bucking for a raise.

Bud: Their relationship had begun to bud again, after a long and desolate winter.

Bumper Crop: A bumper crop of stories have sprouted from this news leak.

Burnt: Burned by a shady deal.

Bursting: Bursting with flavor!



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