“C” Metaphors

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Cage: His mind was caged by depression.

Campaign: She led the campaign for student housing.

Catch: Did you catch the big game on Tuesday?

Catch: She’s quite a catch!

Cats & Dogs: It is raining cats and dogs

Ceasefire: The couple agreed to a ceasefire over whose family they would visit for Thanksgiving.

Chew: You’ve given me something to chew on!

Chilly: It’s been a little chilly around the office since Mr.

Choose: An electron chooses the path of least resistance.

Clam: The suspect clammed up when the police began to ask him questions.

Clear Skies: It’s gonna’ be clear skies from now on.

Cloud: The event was clouded over by protests.

Cloudy: My memory is a little cloudy.

Coarse: He had a coarse manner of speech.

Cold: A cold reception.

Collide: Their philosophies would eventually collide.

Colorful: A colorful remark.

Come Up: We’ll see if any new job listings come up.

Comfort: I’m comfortable with my decision.

Cook: He knew he was cooked when he saw his boss standing at the desk.

Crop: A new crop of students entered the classroom.

Crossfire: He was caught in the crossfire of his friends’ disagreement.



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