“D” Metaphors

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Darken: The skies of his future began to darken.

Dawn: The dawn of civilization.

Dead: I’m dead tired

Deep: Deep despair.

Defense: Your claims are indefensible.

Demolish: I demolished his argument.

Depth: Deep thoughts.

Determine: The clouds are just determined to ruin our picnic!

Diamond In The Rough: That gymnast is a diamond in the rough.

Digest: Take a moment to digest the info.

Dim: A dim view.

Direction: She sought a new direction in her life.

Dish: Dish out more criticism than one can take.

Division: Cell division.

Doorway: Your browser is your doorway to the internet.

Drift: He was a drifter, of origin unknown.

Dry Spell: Business suffered a long dry spell.

Dud: His hot date turned out to be a dud.

Dying: I’m dying to meet her.



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