“F” Metaphors

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Faded: He faded off to sleep.

Farm: Adam joined the Boston Celtics farm team.

Fast Lane: Life in the fast lane.

Fertile: He has a fertile imagination.

Fever: A feverish pace.

Fire: There’s a fire in my heart and you fan it.

Firestorm: There was a firestorm of controversy surrounding the president’s statements.

Fish: There are plenty of other fish in the sea.

Fish: The con artist managed to fish in another victim, hook, line and sinker.

Flame: I was flamed on a message board.

Flame: His old flame contacted him hoping to rekindle their romance.

Flank: The senator received universal criticism from both flanks, Republican and Democratic alike.

Flight: The business was about to take flight.

Flower: She was a flower, young and beautiful, bending gently in the ever changing winds of youth.

Fog: My memory is a little foggy.

Food: Food for thought.

Footsteps: She followed in her mothers’ footsteps.

Foxhole: After the vote the senator headed for its foxholes, afraid of the result voting against his constituency would have.

freedom: Freedom of expression.

Front lines: The organization works at the front lines of the war on drugs.

Frozen: Frozen with fear.

Fruit: His ideas began to bear fruit.

Fry: She knew she was fried when the teacher handed back her paper.



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