“P” Metaphors

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Palate: He found her behavior unpalatable.

Path: Following the path of enlightenment.

Peel: Keep your eyes peeled.

Pepper: His speech was peppered with vitriol.

Pick: Pick from our wide selection of clothing styles!

Pickle: That’s a real pickle of a problem.

Place: She had a special place in his heart.

Plant: The orator planted ideas in their fertile, young minds.

Plate: My plate is already too full.

platform: Political platform.

Plow/plough: We decided to plow through the bookkeeping.

Point: He had finally come to the point of conclusion.

position: One’s position on a political issue.

Powder keg: The court’s decision is sure to set off a powder keg of dissent among defense supporters.

Power: You’ve got the power!



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