“S” Metaphors

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Salvo: The opposition’s speech was the opening salvo of an attack on foreign policy.

Scream: Her outfit screamed “Help me, I lack taste!”

Sea: Drowning in the sea of ideas.

Season: It is the season of change.

secreted: He secreted the fact that he was a Republican.

See: I fail to see your logic.

Seed: The doctor explained that her insides were a rocky place, where my seed could find no purchase.

Serve: Served up a number of suggestions.

Shade: A shady character.

Shell: He had become a shell of a man.

Shining: A shining example of democracy.

Shoot: He shot down all of my arguments.

Shower: He showered her with gifts.

Silk: His silken lies went unheard.

Simmer: The crowd began to simmer down.

Singe: Feel the singe of rejection.

Sister: The company had a sister factory in Trenton.

Smooth: Things are going smoothly.

Snag: The project hit a snag and was put on hold.

Soft: Her soft voice was music to his ears.

Soil: The soil of a man’s heart is stonier!

Sour: End on a sour note.

Sow: He sowed the seeds of discontent among the staff.

Spectrum: An infinite spectrum of possibilities.

Spicy: A spicy new outfit.

Spinning: His head was spinning with excitement.

Spotlight: Mary stole the spotlight with her performance.

Sprout: After the phone call, a smile could be seen sprouting from the edges of his lips.

stable, stability: A stable economy.

steady: A steady rhythm.

steer: Steer clear of that topic.

Stench: The stench of failure.

Stew: The decision had him in a stew.

Stink: Love stinks!

Stir: Stirring up all kinds of emotions.

Stone: A heart of stone

Storm: She was unsure if her proposal could weather the storm of scrutiny.

Storm: Thoughts are a storm.

stubborn: Stubborn stains!

Sugar: Give me a little sugar, honey!

Sun: You are the sun in my sky

Sunset: He’d entered his sunset years.

Sunshine: You are the sunshine of my life.

Swallow: Difficult to swallow.

Sweet: Ain’t she sweet.

Sweet: The sweet smell of success.



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